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18 Beloit

Studio Gang Architects

Beloit Powerhouse Signage and Environmental Graphics

Collectors Exchange | Installation

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Collectors’ Exchange Installation

Columbus Dancing Cs Sculpture

City of Columbus, Indiana

Columbus Community Brand Installations

Commonwealth Plaza Window Signage

Commonwealth Plaza Condominium Association

Commonwealth Plaza Graphic Identity

Digdeep thumb


Dig Deep

Duet Barricade 00101


Duet Apartments Graphic Identity

Epic Burger 00814 180323 1 SS

Epic Burger

Epic Burger North Avenue Store Redesign

Fraud 2


Fraud Installation

IITKC Anderson Wall Overall

John Ronan Architects

IIT Innovation Center

KAC Webpost 201009 3 AA 4

Stocking Urban

Kimball Arts Center

Bebu Sign 1526 copy

Entertainment Smith

Pizzeria Bebu Graphic Identity

Span Chicago Graphic Design Railyard 15

City of Rogers, Arkansas


Chicago design identity typography silverroom 21


Silverroom and Pop-Up Visual Identity

So Nu Graphic Identity Sign

Smithfield Properties

SoNu Graphic Identity

Spoke Graphic Identity 15

Morgan Bond Companies

Spoke Apartments Graphic Identity

Thirst Design Silverroom Block Party 19


The Greater Good Silverroom Block Party

UIC Signage System Room Identification Application

University of Illinois-Chicago

UIC Interior Signage Guidelines

SUC Work Haus Web Post 180215 1 ZM 2

Stocking Urban


Wt thumb

Studio Gang Architects

Writers Theatre