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Writers Theatre

Photo by Hall-Merrick Photography

Writers Theatre

Studio Gang Architects
Environmental Signage

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design

Rick Valicenti
Concept, Design Direction

Poblocki Sign Company

Forms + Surfaces


Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing


WT identity/branding by Lowercase, Inc.

Designed while at Thirst

Inspired by Studio Gang Architects' bold yet elegant interpretation of the modern theatre, John Pobojewski led the design for this comprehensive signage package that is tightly integrated with the architecture.

Many unique applications create a sense of place, including an indoor season marquee, unique donor woven wood wall, and an innovative digital signage package.

Wt sign dipytch

An outlined expression of the logo provides scale and recognition without added visual weight.

Wt elevation
Wt digital diagram

A custom digital signage package showcases everything from new productions to cast listings — all bespoke to Writers' needs.

Wt marquee diagram

Inside, a marquee wall displays the plays for the season.

Wt marquee angle 1

Individual letters allow theatre staff to "hand set" the name of each production.

Wt donorwall overall

The donor wall appears to be weaved of wood, a gesture inspired by Tudor architectural structure.

Wt donorwall diagram

Each name can be removed or replaced easily

Wt bookshelf diagram

20+ years of Writers' history is represented in a custom exhibit "bookshelf" corridor.

Wt bookshelf overall diptych

The modular peg mounting system allows new pieces to be added or replaced in the future.

Wt ada diagram