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Beloit Powerhouse | Exterior

Beloit Powerhouse Signage and Environmental Graphics

Studio Gang Architects
Beloit College
Environmental Signage
Art Direction

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Design

Leah Wendzinski

Alyssa Arnesen

Scott Reinhard

Designed while at Thirst

The Powerhouse at Beloit College is an adaptive reuse student center designed by Studio Gang Architects, who transformed a decommissioned coal power plant on Wisconsin’s Rock River into a 120,000 square-foot facility featuring gathering spaces, a café, gym, banquet center, and competitive NCAA pool.

Our signage system was inspired by the many dials and gauges used in the original power plant operations. Stacked rows of circular elements combined with the details of various scales and grids inform much of the signage system. Likewise, the incredible collage of typographic fonts and styles found throughout the historic plant was echoed with a suite of type specifications that build upon the existing variety.

The inner lobby features a 50-foot tall mural of the Rock River Valley by artist Scott Reinhard, creating using visualization of high-density, high-resolution elevation data from the entire region north and south of the Powerhouse.

Beloit | Rock River Valley | Artwork by Scott Reinhard
Beloit | Rock River Valley | Detail

Detail from Rock River Valley by Scott Reinhard

Beloit | Symphony of Bs

A vinyl window screen of perforated Bs flows towards the mural while obstructing the view of students using the indoor track.

Beloit | Inner Lobby

Inner lobby

Beloit | "B" Identifier

A large steel "B" was proposed as part building identification, part school pride

Beloit | Operating Center

A historic dial and gauge console was reimagined by Studio Gang as a focal point to the 2nd floor café

Beloit | Historic Gauges | Detail A Beloit | Historic Gauges | Detail B
Beloit | Historic Gauges | Detail
Beloit | Donor Wall

Donor wall

Beloit | Donor Wall | Detail

Each donor dial contained a different typeface and grid inspired by the historic gauges

Beloit | Pool

Competitive pool featuring large dimensional letters

Beloit | Swimming & Diving
Beloit | Pool Record Boards

The record boards build upon the wavy underscores

Beloit | Social Hub Directory

On each floor, a social directory highlights upcoming events and programs going on throughout the space

Beloit | Elevator Directories

Elevator directories

Beloit | All-Gender Restroom Wayfinding Beloit | Pool Wayfinding
Beloit | ADA Donor Recognition

Wayfinding and ADA room identification features multiple typefaces and weights