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The Reed at Southbank

Real Estate
Environmental Signage

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy, Design

Zach Minnich
Design, 3D, Editing

Clark Nelson

Trevi Albin

The Reed is a residential high-rise at Southbank, Lendlease’s mixed-use community along the South Branch of the Chicago River. Living where city meets river, The Reed offers minimalist apartments and condos in "industrial chic,” channeling the River's history as a conduit for industry and manufacturing through materiality and texture. The identity continues the creative direction forged by Southbank — celebrating the applied arts. The Reed features 3D abstractions of the river’s edge, reflecting the city’s lights at both day and night.

Span orchestrated all aspects of the brand, including website design & development, sales center interiors, and a short film telling the story of Southbank and Lendlease’s commitment to the neighborhood, all while aligning to Lendlease’s Master Brand Guidelines.

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The Reed Hero Render 1
The Reed Condos Logo The Reed Apartments Logo

The condos and apartments feature the same typography while sporting different color palettes to keep each offering shared yet distinctive.

A cinematic website built on Craft CMS integrates with Builder CMS,, and Yardi, and features visualizations by Imerza.

The Reed Mobile Pages V2

Real-time floor plan availability was synced with the broker's BuilderCMS system and the leasing team's Yardi system.

The Reed Mobile Apts Floor Plans V2

Two animated water scenes were created — "daytime" for the condos and "nighttime" for the apartments — to emphasize living where city meets river.

The Reed Stationary Mockup 1

All printed materials used a minimum of 30%–50% post-consumer waste, with about half of the stocks used being 100% post-consumer waste. All printing used soy-based inks and simple foil-stamping for sustainable processes.

The Reed Business Card 1 The Reed Apts Business Cards
The Reed Apts Stationary 2
The Reed Brochure Cover 1 The Reed Apts Brochure Cover
The Reed Brochure Spread 1 The Reed Brochure Spread 2
The Reed Brochure Spread 4 The Reed Brochure Spread 3

Spreads from sales brochure

A mixed "day into night" water animation was created to represent the entire offering — both condos and apartments.

The Reed Sales Center Detail Drawing 2 The Reed Sales Center 3
The Reed Sales Center 1

The sales center interiors were designed to be an elegant backdrop for Imerza’s immersive 3D experience of the building and available units, featuring the great views from the sales center.

The Reed Sales Center Detail Drawing 1
The Reed Sales Center 4 The Reed Sales Center Detail Drawing 5
The Reed Sales Center 2

The three finish packages were named inspired by materials and textures from the industrial factories that used to line the Chicago River.

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