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Iit innovation center steve hall

IIT Innovation Center

John Ronan Architects
Illinois Institute of Technology
Environmental Signage

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Design

Rick Valicenti
Design Direction

Kyle Green

Taek Hyun Kim

Anna Mort


Exterior photography by Steve Hall, Hall-Merrick
Architecture by John Ronan Architects

Designed while at Thirst

The Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship at the Illinois Institute of Technology is devoted to fostering collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship between IIT’s students, faculty, alumni and partners. This integrated signage package created for John Ronan Architects is in careful harmony with the overall architectural intent.

Typographic gestures inspired by digital production and machine fabrication are integrated throughout the space, in balance with the classic Futura typeface of IIT’s identity system. All materials and processes closely follow the palette defined by John Ronan and his team.

IITKC Anderson Wall Overall

Primary tribute wall in steel and white Corian, to recognize former IIT President John L Anderson and key donors

IITKC Anderson Wall Detail IITKC Anderson Wall Detail 2

Plaques back-painted bright colors cast subtle halos

IITKC Tellabs Desk Overall

A customized pixel alphabet takes inspiration from digital fabrication, designating named spaces in routed Corian.
Color specification by Ronan’s team is inspired by the bright palette of Post-It notes.

IITKC Concrete Detail IITKC Tellabs Desk Detail

Primary donor and alumnus Ed Kaplan is recognized by making his 1965 senior portrait modern via digital synthesis using Processing.

IITKC Kaplan Portrait Detail
IITKC Morgenstern Pitch Overall
IITKC ADA Restroom IITKC ADA Idea Shop
IITKC ID Overall

The Innovation Center is home to IIT's Institute of Design, founded as Chicago’s New Bauhaus in 1933.