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OT2050 ES Cover

ON TO 2050 Executive Summary

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Design

Leah Wendzinski

Zach Minnich
Design, 3D

Suzie Shin

Dave Burk Photography

Architecture, Illustration

Designed while at Thirst

Every ten years, CMAP is responsible for creating a 30-year comprehensive regional plan for Chicago and the surrounding seven counties. Thirst designed the executive summary of ON TO 2050 — as well as the brand and website — to captivate key stakeholders and state government leaders around the plan’s recommendations.

Architectural photography studio Dave Burk and urban design firm UrbanLab were selected by CMAP to capture a visual impression of our region, both now and in the future. John Pobojewski helped direct the imagery in close collaboration with both firms, creating one cohesive visual impression that is vibrant, diverse, optimistic for the future, and focused on people.

OT2050 ES OT2050 ES 2
OT2050 ES 6

Data graphics tell the story of the Chicago region today and its relationships to peer regions.

OT2050 ES 4 OT2050 ES 5
OT2050 ES 7

UrbanLab envisions the future of walkable communities, imagining potential new infrastructures around goods movement and autonomous transit

OT2050 ES 11

Dave Burk captures the region and the rich diversity of experiences that exist today — from urban center to wilderness

CMAP Incentives V Development Web 180814

Illustration: Incentives vs. Development

OT2050 ES 9 OT2050 ES 12
OT2050 ES 13
OT2050 ES Illo 1

Illustration: Future smart infrastructures

OT2050 ES 14 OT2050 ES 8 181121 200822