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RTA Campaign Hero

Transit is the Answer Campaign

Regional Transportation Authority

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy

Valeria Bernal
Design, Animation, Editing

Carlos Javier Ortiz, Brown Planet Productions
Cinematography, Film Direction

Kathleen Hinkel

Wes Meador
Media Strategy

Multimerica Media Ventures
Media Placement

Span conceived, designed, and produced a public awareness campaign around the Regional Transportation Authority’s strategic plan Transit is the Answer to spread the message of transit’s value to our region across all walks of life.

We harnessed the stories of seven individuals who have been affected by transit from multiple walks of life — students, politicians, business owners, factory workers, and commuters. Told through short documentaries, each story provided insight into how critical transit is to our city.

Award-winning cinematographer Carlos Javier Ortiz of Brown Planet Productions captured each documentary which were then edited by Span into a multi-platform campaign including social media, digital ”out of home” advertising, and connected TV ads.

Over 14 million impressions were generated by the campaign, increasing traffic to Transit is the Answer’s website by over 600% and garnering hundreds of emails from visitors pledging their support for transit.

Sallaria Ansong, a student at Harper College, shares how important Pace bus routes are to providing affordable access to education.

Every placement pointed to unique campaign landing pages to determine which stories resonated more with audiences.

Tamar Mizrahi, owner of the Goddess and Baker, talks about how transit plays a critical role in attracting customers and retaining employees at all of her locations.

30-sec TV spots had strong engagement and clickthrough rates amongst all the placements thanks in part to the compelling stories of transit’s value.