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RTA Campaign Webpost 1

Transit is the Answer Strategic Plan

Regional Transportation Authority

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy

Valeria Bernal

Kathleen Hinkel

3D, Architecture, Illustration

Transit is the Answer is the RTA’s 2023 regional transit strategic plan. Transit addresses many problems facing the Chicago region, including connecting people to opportunity, advancing equity, and combating climate change. Transit is the Answer sets a vision for how to achieve safe, reliable, and accessible public transportation in and around Chicago.

Span designed the plan to be more like a cultural magazine than a technical document, adding profiles with transit stakeholders, data stories, and illustrations throughout to make reading the plan more engaging and memorable. Different typographic weights of Graphik — including a custom cut for the RTA — are featured throughout.

The plan also showcases Kathleen Hinkel’s rich photography and UrbanLab’s TOD (transit-oriented development) visualizations. Both are expressions of how valuable transit is to the people that live here.

”Progressive and difficult policy change requires building empathy in otherwise skeptical audiences. Span’s partnership has been central to our success in changing the way people think and feel about public transit at the most critical time in its history.”

Tina Smith, Director of Communications, Regional Transportation Authority

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Data stories were conceived and directed by Span in close collaboration with RTA’s planning team.

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Visualizations of TODs by UrbanLab illustrate the value of transit stations as economic engines for the surrounding communities.

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Photography by Kathleen Hinkel highlights the value of transit to the people who live and work throughout the region.

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