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Span Loop As Lab DSC09818

Loop as Lab Exhibition Graphics

Chicago Architecture Center
Exhibition Design

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction, Design

Marisa Cruz

Alec Hudson

Alyssa Arnesen

Chicago Architecture Center: Eve Fineman, Ian Spula, Adam Rubin
Curatorial Team

Navillus WoodWorks, zakrose

Best Imaging Solutions

The CAC celebrates Chicago's unique architecture and urban design with exhibitions, tours, and educational programs. As a leading cultural institution, their exhibitions aim to engage the public in important issues shaping the built environment.

Loop as Lab: Reshaping Downtowns examines the challenges and opportunities facing urban cores like Chicago's Loop in the post-pandemic era. Organized around the themes of residing, renewing, reconnecting, and rewilding downtowns, the show featured case studies, architectural follies, and interactive elements designed to spark dialogue.

Span collaborated closely with the CAC and exhibition designers Could Be Architecture to create a cohesive graphic identity. We developed all printed exhibition graphics including interpretive panels, infographics, environmental graphics and a bold typographic approach pairing the Art Deco-inspired Bifur font with the modern geometric Futura-based The Future.

The exhibition's branded graphics helped tie together diverse content while the distinct typographic treatment gave it a strong, recognizable presence. Thoughtful design amplified the show's key themes and created an engaging, participatory experience inviting visitors to envision the future of urban centers.

Span Loop As Lab DSC09822
Span Loop As Lab DSC09825
Span Loop As Lab DSC09826
Span Loop As Lab DSC09890
Span Loop As Lab DSC09855 Span Loop As Lab DSC09869
Span Loop As Lab DSC09888
Span Loop As Lab DSC09848
CAC Loop as Lab by Nick Robins DSC01751
Span Loop As Lab DSC09945
Span Loop As Lab DSC09931
CAC Loop as Lab by Nick Robins DSC02216 CAC Loop as Lab by Nick Robins DSC02024
CAC Loop as Lab by Nick Robins DSC02180 CAC Loop as Lab by Nick Robins DSC02279

Photo by Nick Robins