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Transit is the Answer Videos

Regional Transportation Authority

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy

Valeria Bernal
Design, Animation, Editing

Spin Artist
Cinematography, Film Direction

Kathleen Hinkel
Photography, Cinematography

Miles Kredich
Sound Design

Span was commissioned by Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority to produce short films about the value of transit to the region. Each film illustrates how transit is the answer to significant challenges facing our region while pointing back to the RTA’s Transit is the Answer strategic plan.

Short interviews with key transit stakeholders as well as RTA staff highlight the importance of transit from equity to the economy to climate. Each short film was edited as both a long-form narrative for social channels like LinkedIn and YouTube as well as ”reels” for Instagram and TikTok.

Watch: Transit is the answer to greater accessibility

Watch: Transit is the answer to fight climate change

Watch: Transit is the answer to accessing job opportunities