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Latent Design Website

Latent Design
Art Direction

Nick Adam
Design Direction

Avery Branen

Bryant Smith
Web Development

Latent Design is a progressive architecture firm practicing at the intersection of design and community development. They provide innovative design solutions often in resource and budget-limited environments. Their collaborations range from small-scale tactical interventions to giant-scale neighborhood master plans that bring about social, economic, and environmental impact. Latent Design approached Span with a challenge — design a website that visually expresses this wide range while providing a user experience that feels like discovery and delight.

Span worked collaboratively with Latent Design’s founding principal and leadership team. Participatory design methods were used to define their vision and iterate through a design process that balanced their desire for poetic forms with their need for clear, accessible case studies.

To bring their project range to life, Span created a bespoke webGL environment that animates based on the user’s activity. The animation speaks to ideas of changing conditions and illustrates their project range while allowing users to immerse themselves into each project. Through a clean, clear, and accessible design system, Span designed a website that celebrates the firm’s practice and the process behind each project.

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