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Span Re Framed DSC07724

ReFramed: The Future of Cities in Wood Exhibition Design

Chicago Architecture Center
Exhibition Design

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction, Design

Alyssa Arnesen

Marisa Cruz

Exhibition Design

Chicago Architecture Center: Michael Wood, Eve Fineman, Ian Spula, Nicole Kowrach
Curatorial Team

Ravenswood Studio
Fabrication, Printing

Best Imaging Solutions

The ReFramed exhibition demonstrates the potential of mass timber as an environmentally friendly and visually appealing construction material. Showcasing architectural models of mass timber projects worldwide, the exhibition underscores wood's adaptability in various contexts—from public spaces and office buildings to adaptive reuse and new construction. The exhibition delves into mass timber's numerous advantages, including sustainability, safety, and biophilic design.

Span closely collaborated with the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) and Urbanlab to develop a comprehensive brand and graphic language for the event. We crafted a cohesive visual narrative that would captivate visitors and effectively communicate the exhibition's primary themes and messages.

We drew inspiration from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction methods, which informed the underlying grid for all exhibition graphics. This grid served as a unifying visual component, coherently integrating narrative text, detailed infographics, custom maps, and 18-foot-tall banners.

Span also designed the complementary exhibition, ReCovered: Chicago's Urban Tree Canopy with the CAC and Ross Barney Architects. Click to learn more about this immersive exhibition that explores the vital role trees play in our urban experience.

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