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Span Re Covered DSC07583

ReCovered: Chicago’s Urban Tree Canopy Exhibition Design

Chicago Architecture Center
Exhibition Design

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction, Design

Avery Branen
Design, Illustration

Alyssa Arnesen

Marisa Cruz

Ross Barney Architects
Exhibition Design

Chicago Architecture Center: Eve Fineman, Michael Wood, Nicole Kowrach
Curatorial Team

Arlan DeRussy

The Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) partnered with Ross Barney Architects, an esteemed architecture firm led by AIA Gold Medal Awardee Carol Ross Barney, to create ReCovered: Chicago’s Urban Tree Canopy. This exhibition aims to raise awareness about the critical role trees play in our city, from enhancing the quality of life to improving air quality.

ReCovered features an abstract tree canopy installation, immersing visitors in a space reminiscent of a grove of trees on a warm day. The exhibition showcases native tree species and invites visitors to share their thoughts on the importance of trees in their lives and memories.

Span collaborated with the CAC and Ross Barney Architects to design the exhibition brand and graphics. Our work included custom wall-sized illustrations of trees, leaves, and a street scene with and without trees. These illustrations artistically capture the unique characteristics of each tree and invite visitors to experience the stark difference between a treeless street and one with tree canopy coverage.

An interactive component of the exhibit situated on the opposite wall allows visitors to engage with maps of Chicago. By sliding a map of tree coverage over maps of crime, social vulnerability, and income, users are prompted to consider the relationship between tree coverage and these social factors.

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