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Icon Modern Website

Icon Modern

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction

Suzie Shin

Clark Nelson

Icon Modern is a new kind of custom furniture and architectural elements company. They serve the architecture and design communities with a collaborative approach that makes the custom process easy and approachable.

Span kicked off this project with an in-depth research process, visiting Icon Modern clients to gain insights on how they perceive and work with Icon Modern. These early conversations drove our design strategy and goals for the redesign and specific features that were required.

The new website needed to be more than simply a portfolio of their custom work – it needed to open up the Icon Modern culture to the audience, show the range of possibilities, and provide inspiration.

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The Feedback

Conversations with clients revealed that visitors to their old site felt as if their custom work was the last thing they wanted you to know.

The Solution

The new website integrates customization on each product page. Possibilities are demonstrated with beautiful case study images. Custom options are presented with a “ways to customize” module showing options for making your unique furniture or architectural element.

The new site features a process & capabilities page that walks visitors through their step-by-step approach to custom building.

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The Feedback

When designers under a time crunch to find inspiration images visited the Icon Modern website, they were unable to quickly find what they needed. Instead, they would resort to google for the photo to put in their schematic design presentations. If the designer had more time to contact Icon Modern, they might have been sent the right image. As a result, the website would be rarely visited again.

The Solution

The new website features an in-depth image gallery with Icon Modern’s complete library of project photos. Images are tagged with their various product options allowing a designer to quickly find inspiration.