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Krueck Sexton Partners

Krueck Sexton Partners

Rick Valicenti
Strategic Direction

Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design

John Pobojewski
Design Direction, Animation

Leah Wendzinski

Bud Rodecker

Suzie Shin

Alyssa Arnesen

Clark Nelson

After four decades of leadership from Ron Krueck and Mark Sexton, Chicago’s legendary architecture firm Krueck + Sexton evolved the studio from a founder’s firm to a partnership practice. Introducing Krueck Sexton Partners

Rick Valicenti began the strategic design process in 2019 and the Span team guided the KSP leadership through a renaming and rebranding process announcing the new partners, refining their graphic identity, and building a new website that honors their history and looks to the future.

The new name, Krueck Sexton Partners, emphasizes their deep bench of design leaders and aligns with their lens of equity among team members.

The discipline of our identity system serves as a clear and concise structural support, emphasizing shape and whitespace, allowing KSPs fluid architectural form to be the primary statement.

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The visual identity included designing 100’s of documents

The grid is designed to accommodate a wide range of imagery and the many different content types necessary for architectural proposals

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Expressing the firm’s interest in material specifications,
the logo was debossed with tinted foil on an edge-painted
DTC card

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The KSP expression reduces letterforms to only the necessary elements while maintaining legibility

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Our clients are always part of the process

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Beyond proposal and power-point presentations,
short-form pitch documents were designed for Ipad

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KSP Webpost 201009 1 LW3

The video announced the name change and the new partners to their clients

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