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Wolf Point East

Real Estate

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Design

Zach Minnich
Design, 3D

Rick Valicenti
Design Direction


Steelblue LLC
Architectural Visualization

Designed while at Thirst

Wolf Point is at the confluence of the three branches of the Chicago River. This historic site has been a gathering place since before Chicago was even a city, home to the region's first tavern and hotel. Wolf Point East continues this welcoming legacy, transforming an empty parking lot into a four-acre riverfront park and an iconic highrise designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli.

Our visual identity for the luxury apartments imagined a high-end palette as rich and crisp as the architecture, emphasizing precision, quality, and architect Fred Clarke's humanist approach to modernism.

The logo is a modernist take on Chicago's Municipal Device — a historic civic symbol established in 1892 and found throughout the city.

WPE Illustrations 2

3D illustrations celebrate play in marble and glass for the gym and pool

WPE Illustrations 4 WPE Illustrations 3

Laser-focused illustrations for precision and fit

WPE Illustrations 1

At the confluence of three river branches

WPE Illustrations 6 WPE Illustrations 5

Living within the city / Above a four-acre park

Folder 5

Brochure folder with minimal white foil and gold ink

Folder Crop 2 Folder Crop 1
Folder 6

Inside, a high-gloss brochure inspired by luxury automobile showrooms

Folder 4 Brochure Crop 1
Website 1

The website is a scrolling cinematic experience