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Span Graphic Identity

Created by Span
Art Direction
STA 100 2020

Bud Rodecker and John Pobojewski
Design Direction, Strategy

Nick Adam, Zach Minnich, Suzie Shin, Leah Wendzinski, Clark Nelson, and Alyssa Arnesen

Leah Wendzinski

As the studio shifts from practicing design under the moniker Thirst to Span, everything is different but nothing has changed. John Pobojewski and Bud Rodecker lead the same incredibly talented crew in the same space. But now under a new identity — with clear vision for 2020.

Our visual palette was a reflection of everyone's creative energy, generating a visual system that is equally vibrant. Our greatest strength is in each other and we catalyze sparks as we create together.

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Variations on the logo created by every member of the studio. Graphics were made using cut paper, photography, projection, 3D Rendering, hand-drawing, coding, and animation. Each designer was encouraged to make expressions that represented their personal interests and favorite forms of making.

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With the direction from Bud Rodecker and inspiration from Man Ray's surrealist portraits, Leah Wendzinski photographed our portraits using the Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer’s cybernetic sculpture, Lux II, as an image manipulation device.

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Nicolas Schoffer Lux II

Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer’s cybernetic sculpture, Lux II was used on set as an image manipulation device. Cybernetic art is an exploration of form-making where the final form interacts aesthetically with its environment. Using Schöffer’s Lux II as a tool to reflect and refract light on the photoshoot allowed us as graphic designers to visually express one of our principal concerns/interest — how the work we make effects the environment it is within and the people around it.

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Photographic inspiration

Left to Right:
Man Ray, Solarized Portrait of Lee Miller, ca. 1929.
Man Ray, Ella Raines, 1947.
Maya Deren, Distorted portrait of a man, ca. 1930.

The identity system is completed with a custom variable font designed by Bud Rodecker and Nick Adam, with variations between Thin – Regular – Bold, Extended – Expanded, and Cowboy.

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Star-Struck on Apple iOS 13.3