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Play | Reaching Out of Reach

Created by Span

John Pobojewski
Design Direction, Audio

Zach Minnich
3D, Animation

Bud Rodecker
Concept, Design Direction

Alyssa Arnesen
Concept, Design

In light of the social disconnection caused by the global pandemic, Span imagines a new visual platform that is a collaborative art experience. Digital canvases display simple compositions created by a group of virtual performers. The aesthetic takes visual and conceptual inspiration from the art movement of Suprematism (Russian: Супремати́зм)— which emphasizes “the supremacy of pure artistic feeling.” Suprematism was practiced during the world’s previous global pandemic around 1918.

Reaching Out of Reach is a digital design research initiative conceived by Span during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the new socially-distant way of life. As humans, we need to connect. How can we design ways to come together when we have to stay apart?

ROOR Scene A Hero Still 1 Small
ROOR Scene A A Still 1 210104 Small