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CCC Cannabis logo Chicago Graphic Design Span 2

Chicago Cannabis Council

Chicago Cannabis Council

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction

Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design

Alyssa Arnesen

Zach Minnich
Design, 3D, Animation

Suzie Shin

Span designed the visual brand identity for the Chicago Cannabis Council (CCC), the region’s budding cannabis network. Founded to help ensure the success of the cannabis industry the council is assembled of cannabis businesses and professionals from every sector — healthcare to recreational, legal to policy, education to finance.

The brief put to Span was to design an identity that embraced concepts of connection, collaboration, and community while visually positioning the council at the frontline of the cannabis industry.

The identity Span designed centers on a series of concentric ’C‘s that form the ’CCC’ monogram around the cannabis leaf — symbolizing the council. Drawn with clean, precise geometry, the monogram is equally at home in the worlds of wellness, retail, corporate management, policy, technology, and all sectors within the cannabis industry. The monogram is accompanied by a bespoke wordmark that balances both conservative and progressive typographic expressions.

CCC Cannabis logo logic Chicago Graphic Design Span

Structure and discipline of the Chicago Cannabis Council’s monogram

CCC Cannabis logo typography Chicago Graphic Design Span

Customization of Chicago Cannabis Council’s Logotype

CCC Chicago Cannabis Council logo Chicago Graphic Design Span
CCC Cannabis Business Card Chicago Graphic Design Span

The letterpressed, blue cannabis leaf results in a raised leaf on the white side of the business card

CCC Cannabis logo Brand Chicago Graphic Design Span
CCC Cannabis Branding Typography Chicago Graphic Design Span b

Chicago Cannabis Council’s typographic style

Cannabis pattern 1 Branding Chicago Graphic Design Span
Cannabis pattern 2 Branding Chicago Graphic Design Span

Branded cannabis patterns

CCC Chicago Cannabis Council Branding Social Media Chicago Graphic Design Span

Social media presence

Cannabis Pattern notebook Branding Chicago Graphic Design Span jpg
CCC Chicago Cannabis Council Branding Members Seal Chicago Graphic Design Span

Member seals

CCC Cannabis logo gif Chicago Graphic Design Span