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Nature Museum Website

Nature Museum
Chicago Academy of Sciences

Nick Adam
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy

Cheryl Kao

Danielle LeComte
Web Development


Nature Museum Team

Erin Amico
President and CEO

Sara Persky
VP of Marketing

Janelle Vreeland
Web & Social Media Director

James Liebenson
Marketing Manager

Jessie Buckey
Marketing and Content

While rebranding the Peggy Notbaert Nature Museum of the Chicago Academy of Sciences (Nature Museum), Span designed and developed the institution’s new web presence, to better connect the Nature Museum and the Chicago Academy of Sciences highlighting the over 150 years of fostering connections between Chicagoans and the wonders of nature and science.

This connection amplifies the lasting impact of the Academy while deepening the link between the museum experience, scientific study, and public engagement beyond its walls. The new website’s accessibility and structure helps the museum fulfill its dedication to preserving the past while embracing an unwavering commitment to the future by inspiring nature champions.

Inspired by the Illinois prairie, the color palette spans catalpa green to columbine pink to milkweed cream—unexpected blends that reflect nature’s diversity and beauty. The abstract icon evokes butterflies, flowers, and clouds—capturing the sense of wonder the natural world inspires. Beyond its official use, the icon serves as a lens to view the world and when composed into patterns, instills a sense of positive activity.

The site was designed and developed on the Craft CMS to be extremely flexible, allowing an editorial team of one to customize each exhibition, department, program, and article as needed.

The museum’s new website can be seen right here:

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