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Crimes on Latinos Campaign

Hope and Heal Fund

Valeria Bernal
Concept, Design, Animation

Carlos Javier Ortiz
Concept, Photography

John Pobojewski
Design Direction, Strategy

Span created a campaign of three digital shorts for Hope and Heal Fund featuring the still photography of Carlos Javier Ortiz. Each animated short highlights a different statistic of gun violence against California Latinos, including how Latino youth are three times more likely to be killed by a firearm than white adolescents.

The campaign brought needed awareness within the community both online and on social media to the public health issues faced by the members of the communities themselves. Presented in Spanish, bold messages typeset in Vanguardia by Chilean typographer Enrique Hernández are woven around Ortiz’s arresting images in tight synchronization with each simple, sober soundtrack.

Founded in the wake of the tragic shooting in San Bernardino in 2015, Hope and Heal Fund works with community leaders and thought leaders to provide communities with the actionable data, resources and capacity to achieve success.