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VAS Web Post Covers 211110 vb

VAS Book

Brandon Alexander
Book Design

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Design, Programming

LaSean Marie Patton
Design, Programming

Graphic Arts Studio

Brandon Alexander

During the state-mandated lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, photographer Brandon Alexander traveled the United States, capturing images of ”an empty America we’ve never seen before.” What followed was a collection of deep landscapes of vacancy and isolation. Span designed a limited artist's edition of 250 books, each featuring a different cover and pagination within, to serve as both archive and expression of a wandering journey through one of our country’s darkest times.

Custom software was written in Processing to generate the artwork for the covers, each a wandering path through random points along the way. The covers were then produced on uncoated black paper via digital printing in multiple hits of white ink. Inside, the portfolio was printed on high-gloss paper to maximize the depth of the extremely dark photography.

VAS Web Post Inside Front 211110 vb
VAS Web Post spreads 211110 vb2
VAS Web Post Inside Back 211110 vb3
VAS Web Post Cover Studies 211110 vb4

Alternate cover concepts