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TXI Brand Identity


John Pobojewski
Concept, Design Direction, Strategy, Design

Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design

Zach Minnich
Design, 3D, Animation

Avery Branen
Design, Illustration

Technology. Experience. Innovation. Span helped TXI shift their brand from a well-respected software development studio known as Table XI into a pragmatic innovation company including product strategy, design, engineering, and delivery. A varied color palette and flexible identity system celebrates a diversity of ideas and viewpoints.

Geometric letterforms represent different pathways to possible solutions that TXI guides their clients towards, and are further emphasized in 3D backgrounds created in both light and dark mode. TXI has earned a reputation for pushing the industry towards more inclusive and equitable practices, so all aspects of the brand had to be WCAG level-AA compliant — from color palette to typeface choice.

Span developed all materials for the rebrand, including the identity, guidelines, merchandise, illustration and icon libraries, and an initial web UX/UI to help TXI tell their own story.

TXI Logo Logic 1

T-X-I becomes a ”force multiplier” of contrasting ideas for how to work, think, and build.

TXI Icons Gif 1 TXI Numbers 1

Custom icons and numbers for illustrations and interfaces

TXI Business Card 1
TXI Pins 2 TXI Tshirt 1
TXI Graphic Standards 1

Pages from the Brand Guidelines

TXI Approach Illustration

3D illustration of the TXI approach

3D backgrounds extend the pathways concept in multiple dimensions

TXI Renderings A Light TXI Renderings C Dark

Backgrounds exist in both light mode and dark mode

TXI Webpost 1 211112 zm10

Zoom backgrounds with/without logo for TXI’s 100% remote team

An immersive website outlines all that TXI is — their ethos, their work, their people, their products

TXI Mobile
TXI Mobile2
TXI Film Outro 1 TXI Film Spheres 1
TXI Tote Bag 1 TXI Hoodie 1
TXI Social Media 1