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Span The Dylan FPO Hero

The Dylan

Sterling Bay
Real Estate
Art Direction

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction

Alyssa Arnesen

Valeria Bernal

Marisa Cruz

Collin Joyce
Web Development

The Dylan is Sterling Bay's latest collection of vibrant high-end apartments in the heart of Chicago's Fulton Market neighborhood. Span was engaged to name these residences and create a visual identity that speaks to the energetic atmosphere of the surrounding area and The Dylan's welcoming, hospitality-inspired living that is catered to residents.

To create the identity system, we pulled inspiration from The Dylan's interior architecture and finishes, which are influenced by the industrial chic backdrop of Fulton Market and incorporate artistic elements of surprise and delight. Strong lines are complemented by soft curves throughout the building, both of which informed our identity system, logo design, and brand assets.

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Span The Dylan Graphic Standards3

The graphic standards manual includes multiple patterns constructed from the logo in addition to photographic art direction.

Span The Dylan Logo Logic2

We customized letterforms from a cut of ABC Gravity for the primary logotype.

Span The Dylan Pattern1

Some branded patterns are constructed from the 'Y' in The Dylan logo, which references the architectural Y-shaped columns that flank the outdoor amenity terrace.

Span The Dylan Website Desktop3
Span The Dylan Website Mobile3
Span The Dylan Pattern2

Other brand patterns allude to the brickwork on the building's exterior façade by stacking and interlocking the full Dylan logo.

Span The Dylan Rendering

The Dylan identity system was inspired by the interplay of strong lines and soft curves within the building's interior architecture.

Span The Dylan Stationery
Span The Dylan Pocket Folder2

Patterned pocket folders hold floor plan inserts, rack cards, and a customized stationery set.

Span The Dylan Pattern3
Span The Dylan Brochure
Span The Dylan Neighborhood Map Barricade2

We created a branded Fulton Market neighborhood map that highlights the many points of interest within walking distance of The Dylan. We also designed a vibrant barricade and leasing center graphics.

Span The Dylan Tote Bags