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Pacmin Studios

Pacmin Studios

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction

Donna Speigel
Strategy, Writing

Darcy Nathanson

Alyssa Arnesen

Founded in 1946 as Pacific Miniatures, the premier producer of desktop models for the aviation industry, Pacmin approached Span seeking a meaningful strategic and branding pivot to better represent the company's evolved offerings. Now offering highly technical, physical and digital capabilities — from desktop models to full-scale mockups, from custom digital visualization to augmented reality and holographic imagery — it was critical that the Pacmin identity be refreshed to reflect their unique, state-of-the-art offerings in a competitive, high-value industry.

Span partnered with Pacmin to reposition the brand for the future. While not a client request, Span recommended changing the company name to Pacmin Studios, a strategic move to elevate their greater depth of services and to differentiate from competitors. Pacmin Studios conveys a marketing partner with expertise in bringing compelling client stories to life, rather than simply a maker of models. A new, more dimensionalized brand strategy points to a higher plane, moving beyond quality and craft to the ultimate brand promise of giving flight to imagination. The new Pacmin Studios visual identity is an evolution of past marks, now with a simplified and more dynamic expression that subtly references the airfoil as an iconic gesture throughout the system.

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The identity’s logomark takes inspiration in its form from the classic Clark Y Airfoil.

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A robust graphic standards manual provides guidelines for all aspects of the brand and any subsequent materials.

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The new Pacmin Studio's visual identity is an evolution and merger of their previous two marks.

The Pacmin brand has four, defining traits that make their identity undeniably Pacmin Studios.

At Pacmin Studios, Tones of voice are an effective communications tool to activate a unique range of expression, the “totality” of their brand persona. Think of it as complementary attributes that each inform the other.