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MB Act III Proclaimation

Macbeth Visuals

Chicago Repertory Ballet
STA 100 2019

John Pobojewski
Concept, Design, Animation

Chicago Repertory Ballet's director Wade Schaaf choreographed the modern narrative ballet MACBETH — based on the tragic Shakespearean tale of ambition, lust, and murder. John Pobojewski designed three acts of immersive animation to amplify the dynamic and bold character of this production, refreshed for the 2019 tour.

"Pobojewski's shifting, often abstracted projections tower at the rear and line the balcony level along the sides, enclosing audience and dancers alike in this horrifying story... Contemporary war images, especially a long-held shot of a tank in a rubble-strewn desert, are especially potent."
Chicago Tribune

"The projections provided "the essential macabre tension in the work...
excellent and effectively relentless."

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A2 S5 openmouth seq
MB Act III Murderer
MB Act I Forest MB Act I Greatness
MB Daggers

Daggers — a custom alphabet for the production

A1 S2 helicopter seq
MB Act II Bring Us Honor
MB Act I Mask CRB045_rt
MB Act III Sleepwalking
MB Act I Promises
A3 S7 crownreveal seq 2