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Kohler K150 Ribbon Pattern Blue

Kohler K150 Campaign

Kohler Co.

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction

Alyssa Arnesen

Cheryl Kao


Daniel Arsham
K150 Campaign Assets

Kohler is celebrating its 150-year anniversary in 2023 with the campaign "Come All Creators." The campaign aims to celebrate not only the company's past, present, and future, but also the creativity of its customers and the broader community of creators.

To commemorate this special occasion, Span designed a visual system that builds on the kit of assets designed by contemporary artist Daniel Arsham and positioning from Kohler. Span ensured that the campaign was flexible enough to work across all media, worldwide, for all of Kohler's businesses.

The "Come All Creators" campaign is bold, flexible, and celebratory for various events and marketing collateral to be created during this milestone year.

Kohler K150 3 Products Up Res

Span combined the various K150s in a ribbon motif that divides content and provides structure to all campaign assets.

Kohler K150 Logo Pattern Up Res
Kohler K150 System Flexibility Up Res

The K150 ribbons can flex to fit any dimension or orientation.

Kohler K150 Ads2 Up 5000

Span designed a suite of campaign expressions that show the various ways in which K150 collateral can be composed and utilized for marketing materials.

Kohler K150 Ads12 Up 5000v2
Kohler K150 Email 5000

A variety of K150 e-vites and email signatures were created for the Kohler team to use throughout 2023.

Kohler K150 Speaking Engagement 5000

Span also mocked up screensavers and standing banners for K150 speaking engagements.

Kohler K150 Mockup Phone Magazine Up Res
Kohler K150 Mockup Sweatshirt Waterbottle Up Res
Kohler K150 Mockup Totes Up Res
Kohler K150 Mockup Hat Notebook Up Res


Span took the color palette created by Daniel Arsham and tested the contrast of each color combination to ensure accessibility across all platforms.

Kohler K150 Color Contrast Up Res