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CMAP C Build Webpost 220406 2 AB 4

Capacity Building Program Campaign

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

John Pobojewski
Design Direction, Design

Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design

Zach Minnich
Design, Animation

Avery Branen
Design, Illustration

Zack Bailey

CMAP’s Capacity Building Program supports communities through planning and implementation assistance, focusing on building local government capacity. Span created a campaign including a short brochure and series of films to highlight the successes of the program.

The short film produced by Span featured interviews with recipients including two mayors and multiple municipal staffers, highlighting the need for planning in these communities and how the program provided assistance. A unique civic illustration highlights the diverse benefits that the program brings to municipalities throughout the Chicago metropolitan region.

Micro films tell each municipality's story on CMAP's social media channels, edited from the overall film and supporting footage.

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CMAP C Build Webpost 220406 2 AB 6

A short brochure highlighted the successes of the project's initial phases, and promoted future phases of work.

The full film tells the success stories of three different communities, all told in their own words.