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Span Sponge Park Book Cover Design Hero

Sponge Park Book Cover Concepts

Susannah Drake
Book Design

Bud Rodecker
Design Direction, Design

Alyssa Arnesen

Susannah Drake commissioned Bud Rodecker and Alyssa Arnesen to design a compelling cover image for her new book “Sponge Park”

"Sponge Park" introduces readers to the hidden gem of Gowanus Canal, juxtaposing its polluted present with the latent ecological treasure it once was. The book unfolds DLANDstudio's ingenious Sponge Park concept, a series of public waterfront spaces designed to address pollution, manage extreme weather, and activate the canal's edge.

Our task was to distill the complexity of Sponge Park into a visually compelling and instantly recognizable book cover. Understanding the importance of the project, we aimed to create a design that captured the concepts of the architectural plan and created a vivid and memorable image.

Span Sponge Park Book Cover Design Process1
Span Sponge Park Book Cover Design Process2
Span Sponge Park Book Cover Design Process3