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1 5 Span ALV Avion Logo Illustration

Avion Riverwalk

American Land Ventures
Real Estate

Nick Adam
Design Direction, Design

Avery Branen
Design, Illustration

Avion is a resort-inspired, residential high-rise in Boyton Beach, Florida. Located at the intracoastal edge of the Riverwalk, life at Avion is a convergence of nature and modern amenities. Span designed the visual identity of this community to take a creative direction grown from this biophilic relationship.

Avion’s identity features a weaving of our hand-drawn native fauna and custom Didone lettered wordmark. The letters themselves evokes a fashionising feel akin to the mastheads of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Graphic motifs of marble and metalics meeting floral and sea are used throughout the brochure, much like they are throughout the building and riverwalk.

2 Span ALV Avion Logo Logic
3 Span ALV Avion Brochure Cover
4 1 Span ALV Avion Brochure Spreads
5 1 Span ALV Avion Brochure Map
6 Span ALV Avion Brochure Flap
7 Span ALV Avion Business Cards
8 Span ALV Avion Rack Cards
9 Span ALV Avion Leaf Illustration