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Avery Branen Portrait


Avery Branen

Avery Branen is a thoughtful designer and illustrator from Portland Oregon that is driven to continuously learn and improve her craft. Since receiving her BFA from Utah State University she has been working with Span as a graphic designer. At Span, Avery has worked with local entrepreneurs, justice-guided organizations, academic institutions, internationally renowned brands, restaurateurs, technology companies, and nonprofit organizations. Avery’s work has been recognized by the Society of Typographic Arts in their STA, as well as AIGA in Salt Lake City’s AIGA 100 Show.

Avery loves being involved in all the stages and disciplines within a design process. From research and client dialogue to defining dynamic color pallets and detailing typographic expressions — she is excited to translate concepts into form. Avery is passionate about image-making, specifically how illustration can interact, elevate, and brighten the world around us all.